Ridiculous Obsessions from a Loony Jenn

Howdy, I'm Jenn. 20. I'm a Texan by birth, but reside in Louisiana. After moving all over the differences are very intriguing to me. Follow me and I will follow back. [18 + preferred] I'm obviously a female by appearance however my mind and mouth don't always portray that. I'm an awkward, weird, slightly insane freak...in bed. xD I do against all those odds function in society and have a job. My mindset shifts often... But my loves include: Sex. Tattoos. Piercings. TV. Movies. Gaming. Xbox. Smoking. Drinking. Random stuff. Music. Paramore. David Guetta. I am attracted to both sexes... Just mostly guys. I'm withdrawn... But I definitely speak my mind when I see fit. I'm a contradictiory person and somewhat hypocritical at times. Get to know my un-shy side. Ask me anything. I'm absolutely ridiculous.